Team members are experienced in the crypto space. They have been working together on this project for a long time. The team has built the "DexAlert- Coin & NFT Price Alert App". And this application has been published in both the Google Play Store and the App Store. It means that the team created a product together. We think this is a very important indicator.

There are 2 developers in the core team. We also hire talented developers and companies when developing our products.

Co-founder/ CEO: Leo is working hard for DexAlert to develop applications for users' needs. He is dedicated to the company. Also, he strongly believes in DeFi.

Co-founder/ CFO: Daisy is one of co-founder. She is responsible for company finance.

CTO: Kevin is a full-stack developer. With his great experience, he enables our applications to work smoothly. He also leads product development and adds new features.

So we have a great and dedicated team. We want to build a hub for DeFi users.

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