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Why invest in DXA token?

If you think about the following titles together, you realize why you need to invest in DXA Token.

Great Utilities

There are 4 amazing utilities. There will be more come. Please read utilities

100% SAFE

How? We have Golden KYC Verification from which is the most reputable KYC company in the space.
So, if there is any problem for investors(scam-rug pull), our KYC provider( will refund 100% to all investors.

Increasing Token price

We have a unique approach to raising the token price. In this way, we will guarantee the rise of the token price. Payment with DXA Token or other coins(ETH, MATIC) to use the premium feature of our application, not just hold a certain amount. In this way, both the DXA Token will be burned and Buyback & Burn will be done.
  • A simple example for "Coin & NFT Price Alert App"
    • The target audience consists of hundreds of thousands of users. Let's assume that we only get 50 thousand users. 50k x $5= $250000 monthly. It means that at least $125000 worth DXA token will be burned/buyback-burn each month.
Make simple accounts using your mathematical knowledge. The moon is not too far😉

Long Term

Every day we see dozens of soft-rug pull projects. They deceive people with simple and ridiculous demos, etc. After collecting the funds, they abandon the project. DexAlert is a project that solves a real problem, has a ready app for defi users, and will become a defi hub in the future.
Many people who see the potential of this project will want to invest. So be fast and be an early bird.

Marketing Strategy

Many projects are marketing only for presale, before the presale. The only purpose is to collect more funds. In this case, presale investors lose.
We will make marketing before the presale. In addition, our marketing plan after launch is ready. We will ensure that our early investors earn.