NFT Price Alerts

Price Alerts for NFT Collections on Opensea such as Bored Ape, Punk, Monkey, etc

It is very easy to follow the NFT collections in Opensea with DexAlert. You can set up a โ€œsaleโ€ or โ€œlistโ€ alert for NFT collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Crypto Punk, Azuki, etc.

You can set up price alerts for NFT collections in 2 ways: Sale and List alerts

You can set an alert below or above a certain price. You can also set an alert for all sales or list transactions for an NFT collection.

The best part is that all notifications come to your mobile phone.

Note: DexAlet has a Web App as well as mobile apps. Thus, you can also log in to your account from your PC and set an alert.

Here is how you can set up NFT sale & list alert step by step:


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